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Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series (VAHSMTB) is Virginia’s official interscholastic mountain bike race series. Sanctioned by USA Cycling, VAHS MTB offers competitive racing for riders of all ability levels. The series is open to ANY high school, middle school, or elementary school student.

The Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series is held under USA Cycling Permit and is open to any elementary, middle or high school student in the Commonwealth. Each event has separate Elementary School (ages 9 & over), Middle School, J.V. and Varsity races both girls and boys. Most races are on primarily single-track trails and are multiple-lap events to provide a spectator-friendly experience for coaches and parents. Racers do NOT need to be on a school team to participate nor do racers need to have any race experience.VASH MTB Series is open to public school, independent school, and home school students.

The VAHS MTB Series provides a professional and enjoyable interscholastic racing experience for competitors and spectators. For those new to racing, it is an ideal introduction to mountain bike racing. If you like to mountain bike and are considering racing, this is your chance. Sign up for a race! You will have a blast!



You must register your team before April 1 to score in the 2018 season. Teams are scored by a points system. There are 9 different team categories (Girls: Elementary, Middle School, JV, Varsity; Boys–Elementary, Middle School, JV, Varsity; and an Overall High School category that includes JV&Varsity boys and girls). ALL RIDERS ON TEAM MUST REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY BEFORE APRIL 5 AT 5:00 PM TO SCORE FOR TEAM.

Teams must wear matching jerseys in races. These do not need to be custom-made jerseys; they can simply be the same color and design.

//  entering as an individual  


You can race as an individual, and you will be scored with the individual rankings. All riders (individual & team) must register individually in BikeReg. 


  • All riders are required to purchase a USA RACE MEMBERSHIP ($35). *Note, USA Cycling website will reduce Race Membership to $35 during checkout. When you put it in your cart, it will show $75 as cost. It is a bit confusing--just continue with check-out. 
  • Register on BikeReg for Season Pass or Individual Races.
  • Have parent/guardian sign USAC Rider Release Form

// Joining an Existing Team


To join an existing team, you must either attend one of the schools already part of the VAHSMTB Series or join one of the composite teams based in your region. For example, if you live in Albemarle County, Charlottesville Racing Club is a regional composite team based out of Charlottesville, VA. Please see our team page if you’d like to contact one of the schools or composite teams in your area. 

Never raced before? no problem!


We want you to race and make it simple for you to get started. First, check out our Schedule and select the event or events you wish to attend. Follow steps listed above to register, buy USAC license, and sign release form. This can all be done on sight on race day, but it is preferred that you pre-register. 

Here’s a list of things you will need for race day:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Helmet
  • A Racing License or a 1-day license (Available at Registration Tent $15)
  • A number plate (Available at the registration tent.)
  • A completed USA Cycling release form. (Available at registration Tent. Parents/Guardians will have to sign these.)

It is that simple to get started!

// FAQs

My school doesn’t have a team, but I love to ride.  Can I race in the series?

Yes.  VAHS MTB is open to ANY high school, middle school, or elementary school student who wants to race.  You do not need a team to participate.

What do I need?
A mountain bike, helmet, and USA Cycling License (can be purchased at race), a waiver that has been signed by your parent or guardian. 


How much does it cost? 

The VAHS MTB Series’ mission is to provide high-level races to junior racers at the lowest cost possible.  We work to keep entry fees as inexpensive as possible.

  • Entry is $165.00 for Season Pass* (ALL 5 RACES + VAHS T-Shirt & decal)
  • With a season pass, you get a free VAHS MTB t-shirt if you register before March 28
  • Entry to a single race is $45 if you preregister on BikeReg (only pay if you do NOT purchase Season Pass)
  • Race-day registration for a single race is $50 

*Note price increases to $195 for season pass after March 27 and $225 after April 2. Don't wait last minute to register!! 

Why is there an entry fee?
The entry fee helps cover the insurance for all races and other race expenses.  Insurance and race officials for each event are provided by USA Cycling.

What category should I race?

Typically, you will race in the category that matches your age and grade. However, you may decide to race up a category depending on your ability and fitness levels. You are not allowed to race down a category. Returning JV riders who finished in the top 10% of overall 2017 Season Standings or earned a top-10 result at any of the races are required to upgrade to Varsity in 2018. 

Can I make a composite team with friends from other high schools and compete in the team series?       
Yes.  If your school does not have a team and your friends’ schools do not have teams (and there is not already a composite team in your area), you may make a composite team.  This kind of team may represent a school county (ex. Fairfax County High School Composite Team or Albemarle County High School Composite Team). There is a likely a team in your area already. Check team page. 

Can elementary school middle school students compete?
Yes, elementary school (ages 9 & over) and middle school students may compete in the series.  They may compete in any category that they choose. Race categories include: Elementary, Middle School, JV, Varsity.

Are boys and girls scored separately?
Yes, boys and girls will be scored separately for both the individual and team competition. There is an Overall Team competition for the series that includes JV & Varsity points of both boys and girls. Each category has a separate team competition as well. (For example, there will be Varsity Boys competition, JV Girls competition, etc.)

Are co-ed teams allowed?
Yes, co-ed teams are encouraged and are the best way to win the Overall Team competition.


Are there prizes?
Prizes will be awarded to the top-3 finishers in each category.  Individual points leaders will receive leader’s jersey, which they must wear in races.

Do I need to attend all 5 races to compete in the individual points race?
No.  Points will be cumulative, so it is to your advantage to race in as many races as possible.

Does a team need to compete in all 5 events to compete for team title?
No, but missing a race will likely prevent a team from being competitive in team competition as points are cumulative.

I am out of high school. Can I still race?
Sorry, the series is for current high school, middle school, and elementary school students only.

I am home schooled.  Can I race?

Do I get a race T-Shirt with the cool VAHS MTB logo?
Limited-edition Cutaway VAHS MTB race t-shirts are available to purchase.  T-shirts are free if you purchase a season pass before March 28. 

I noticed that 3 of the races are held at private high schools.  Is this a prep school league?  Can public school students participate?
VAHS MTB is USA Cycling-Sanctioned event. The series is open to ALL high school students–public and private.  It is not a prep school league.

Why are 2 of the races on TUESDAYS…this makes it challenging for riders who live far away from the venue to make the race?
The reason for weeknight races is that we want to maintain a traditional high school sports schedule.  Most high school sports take place on weeknights with an occasional weekend event (think cross-country, wrestling, basketball).  Also, we want to avoid overlapping with current road and mountain bike events in the state.  On the flip side, we recognize that it is a challenge for some riders to depart school early to make the 4:00 p.m. start times.  However, we have found that school principals and teachers are usually very supportive if riders explain that they are departing early to attend a mountain bike race.  The VAHS MTB Series director, who is a school administrator himself, can also contact schools and write letters to school administrators explaining the series. Keep in mind, you drop you lowest score of the season, so you technically only need to attend one Tuesday night race to be competitive in the overall Series Standings. 

*Team pricing available for school-based teams that cover entry fees for all riders. Contact race director for additional information.